Meet our team of qualified and experienced coaches.


Pax's passion for health and fitness started from a young age where she threw herself into every sport possible. After finishing school she landed her first job at a rock climbing gym and spent the next half-decade refining and advancing her climbing skill set as well as learning the art of coaching. Her fascination with sport and human potential lead her to pursue study at AUT University majoring in Sport and Exercise Science. Yep, guess that means she's technically a scientist.

Just like her younger days, Pax continues to dabble in a variety of training styles and practices in a means to progress towards optimal human health and function; not only for her own personal gain but to grow as a coach that embodies the 'practice what you preach' philosophy. 

Pax loves spending time with mother nature, going on adventures and trying everything and anything new.


Graduate Diploma Sports & Exercise Science Major

Certificate Personal Training

Certificate Fitness Instruction

Coaching Experience.

1-on-1 Personal Training

Group Exercise Training 

Boxing Technique and Fitness 

Youth Boxing Coaching

S&C for Performance

Functional Movement

Training Experience.

2 x Corporate Boxing Fights

5+ Years Boxing Training

Strength & Conditioning for Performance

Functional Training for Optimising Human Movement

Training for general health, wellness and longevity

Interests & Hobbies.

Watching sunsets and sunrises

Hiking and chasing waterfalls

Collecting books I'll never read

Boxing, Kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu

Rock climbing 

Going on long bike rides

Cooking and eating. Mostly eating.

Learning new skills



S&C Coach / Physio Student /
All-Round Good Dude

Stephen is a qualified Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach, one of the best ones we've met.  He is also studying Physiotherapy to advance his knowledge of the human body.
You'll often catch him out in the wilderness running up mountains, taking risky photos on the edge of a cliff or playing hockey during the winter season.


Yogi / Environmentalist / Chai Lover
(Melbourne, Australia)

An environmental scientist by trade; this soulful Yogi is saving the earth and saving it’s humans through yoga, mindfulness and hot-spicy chai.
“My teaching is derived from my personal journey through mental health issues I wasn’t equipped to deal with, and an antidote was yoga, I didn’t realise it would unravel me to my truest calling and essentially my life path. But I do know this much; obstacles are there not to obstruct you from your path, but rather realign you to the path you were called here for. My life philosophy is 'hakuna matata' - ain’t no worries no matter what comes my way.”